War before and after lawlessness-Yahya Jammeh will face his fate sooner than we expect!

Hammadi Maasina.
Positive and negative are realities of life. Pessimism and optimism are off shoots of our mental exercise as people. The dangerous path is where the latter are excessive.Sometimes excessive pessimism breeds excessive negative thinking,whereas excessive optimism may also breed minds that are simply hanging on lost illusions. This is  where concepts related to the famous and abstract city of Eldorado emanate from. This is also why wise people and wise leaders use open minds. Open minds are always better when it comes to crisis management. On the contrary the former two extreme ends breed nothing but fear or false hope. Balancing the two where crisis is hanging in the horizon may help clear dark clouds that are blocking anything good within the long or short term. Otherwise the end result will be so bloody and deadly. This idea of warning our people is not meant to be seen as another one coming from a pessimist. Not at all. This is coming from a realistic perspective. Why massage ourselves when we know that if Yahya Jammeh stays in Banjul one day or the other there will be a very bloody war? Why fool ourselves brothers and sisters? In The Gambia today we have officials singing lullabies for a stagnant regime that is stuck in decadence. Stagnant water if not scraped or flushed will end up smelling.Sure everything within and without The Gambia today is stinking like the old place called “Tann” near “Waafi Njaago” in Banjul.
It is sad. So sad to see our country being given tranquilizers where the pain is just too much to bear. Just listen to some of our so-called Intellectuals then come to a conclusion that The Gambia will plunge into a civil war just like what happened in Liberia before and after the demise of former dictator Samuel Doe. We saw these same so-called and shameless men of books giving speeches,comparing the late Doe to a messiah? What happened? Doe was milsed and then killed. He died after so many poor Liberians lost their precious lives. That means those poor Liberians died two times. They were morally killed by Doe’s ruthless regime and then shot to death by angry rebels. So unfortunate for these innocent citizens. If Gambians think they are safe let them be. History will never lie! The scenario in Liberia before is so similar to what is happening in Banjul now. Doe because of avoiding isolation during the dying days of the cold war era chose to blindly support the USA. He did not even understand what the cold war was about. What was Doe? A grade 8 drop out. What is Yahya Jammeh? An O Level’s uncut product.  Doe acting like an insane  Yahya chose to expel ambassadors whose regimes were linked to the Kremlin at the time,simply because he thought that was an opportunity for him to make money and power. When the USA realised that staying besides Doe was not okay, Ronald Reagan a smart man,stopped the crap right there and then. Doe was offered every chance and means to vacate but he thought that he could catch the sun with his own hands. He refused to leave because he had committed so much havoc that God wanted to see him disgraced and punnished! How about Yahya Jammeh? He easliy jumped into the ban wagon saying he was a champion in this current war against terrorism. After realising that his country reports are filled with objective observations that did not support his dictatorial tendencies,Yahya chose to insult Washington DC. What a laughable character!
Dear President Yahya Jammeh,The USA,UK,France,Germany and other powerful countries do not operate on wishful thinking as far as foreign policy is concerned. They operate on methods geared towards what is of interest to their nations simple as that. This interest includes the promotion of democracy good governance while linking with the grassroot in different places around the world. National interest maybe subjective for some or objective for others,however,there are underlying factors that cannot just be ignored. These are the universal standards and values.Sometimes it amazes sane minds when one sees these wild geese spreading their wings of opportunism only to be called seasoned Intellectuals around an insane leader? More over calling him a visionary? Of course this is why Yahya Jammeh has started saying when he looks at people, he can tell when those he is facing are going to die!
The same rumour was being spread about the late Samuel Doe. People said Doe was the only president who could see through the coffin of late President Ahmed Sekou Toure when he died in 1984. People said Doe’s eyes could see through wood. Doe also liked that myth around him.He used it to scare the army,it was until Charles Taylor demystified late Doe that Liberians saw the coward in him. This is the way ruthless dictators survive. They feed their souls with myth and mythology. This is a shield that covers their egocentric characteristics for a while.Today in The Gambia we have Yahya Jammeh being called a person who sees things at night,this and that. This synchronised lies,deception and insanity can only fit an ulettered dictator like him. The more Gambians accept this insanity the more Yahya will think that he can pass through everything real with a false mask. Certainly this path must come to an end. The end will be so bloody to say the least. Because there are people enjoying the basics of this short term comfort created by Jammeh,they have chosen to neglect the essence of honesty.
Mistakes are human,therefore rectifying them along the way is acceptable,however deliberate and deadly political mistakes must be accounted for one day or the other.If anyone thinks that Yahya Jammeh will rule The Gambia for the next decade he or she is making a very dear mistake.
Yahya’s days are numbered from this evening. I know this has been said over and over but me saying it on line this evening has a different meaning. Anyone working for or working under Yahya should not sleep too deep.
It is not safe to take every warning as a dream. The same dream Cinna the poet told Julius Caesar. This dream of course  brought Caesar down. Did Caeser believe Cinna when he screamed that loud “beware of the ides of march? No he didn’t. Caesar was submerged into arrogance. Is Yahya Jammeh Caesar? He is an ant where Caesar’s legacy is being discussed.
Yahya Jammeh too should beware of the ides of July.
Today we can see foolish old men in googles like Crispon Grey-Johnson predicting a bright? future? for Gambia?Under who? Yahya Jammeh?
Certainly wishful thinking is worse than excessive optimism,especially where words are hotter than heat itself. Especially where tempers are rising day in day out. Especially where insanity is left to guide sanity. Especially where the rule of law is replaced with lawlessness, raw minds and brutal messengers.
Today we have a country being ruined and then hypocrites called to predict a bright future! This is where we have medical doctors saying;herbs which  have not even been patented neither have they been tested by the world health organization’s reliable structures,are fit for consumption! This is The Gambia that is similar to Liberia before the demise of late Samuel Doe. This is The Gambia where shame is the emblem of  a lame duck being called a visionary leader. For sure The Gambia is a good breeding ground for West African mercenaries to start another dirty future for our people. Ivory Coast has given up,where will these wild geese go to again? The Gambia. Lets watch and see the future will tell. Yahya Jammeh is a nest thats attracting dangerous snakes of war and misery. He will see for himself sooner than later.
Have a good night!
Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 (Archive on Saturday, March 31, 2007)
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