After catching Harold Meyerson’s latest Washington Post hatemongering against religion in general, Christians in particular, and Republicans especially, all I could say was just WOW! This thing is nearly unhinged and if you took the word Christian out and replaced it with any of the favored, protected minorities that the MSM guards like mother hens, it would be indistinguishable from the kind of pure bigotry that would result in Meyerson’s utter ostracizing should it have been written about those protected classes. Calling Republicans/Christians torturers, abusers of immigrants, members of the KKK, bigots and even mean, Meyerson skipped only the Nazi and Hitler references making one wonder if his hatred for Christians isn’t fully sated after all in this piece and if there is more seething bile that he decided it was better not to air?

There is absolutely no substance to Meyerson’s piece at all. It is filled with lies, mischaracterizations, blatant spin and name-calling. In fact, it is nothing but a 12 paragraph excuse to call Christians names, so I won’t waste time trying to refute his garbage as it is so bigoted and full of lies that it defies reply — that and it would take far more time than I’m willing to give it. But, here is a list of all the names he calls Christians and Republicans and just some of his outrageously off-base “analysis” in this piece of trash.

  • As Christians across the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, it’s a fitting moment to contemplate the mountain of moral, and mortal, hypocrisy that is our Christianized Republican Party.
  • Rather, it’s the gap between the teachings of the Gospels and the preachings of the Gospel’s Own Party that has widened past the point of absurdity, even as the ostensible Christianization of the party proceeds apace.
  • Likewise his (George Bush’s) support of torture, which he highlighted again this month when he threatened to veto House-passed legislation that would explicitly ban waterboarding.
  • It’s not just Bush whose catechism is a merry mix of torture and piety.
  • But it’s on their policies concerning immigrants where Republicans — candidates and voters alike — really run afoul of biblical writ. Not on immigration as such but on the treatment of immigrants who are already here.
  • Yet the distinctive cry coming from the Republican base this year isn’t simply to control the flow of immigrants across our borders but to punish the undocumented immigrants already here
  • the push to persecute the immigrants already among us comes distinctly, though by no means entirely, from the same Republican right that protests its Christian faith at every turn.
  • We’ve seen this kind of Christianity before in America… At its height in the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan
  • But nativist bigotry is strongest in the Old Time Religion precincts of the Republican Party
  • The most depressing thing about the Republican presidential race is that the party’s rank and file require their candidates to grow meaner with each passing week.
  • And now, inconveniently, inconsiderately, comes Christmas, a holiday that couldn’t be better calibrated to expose the Republicans’ rank, fetid hypocrisy.

See what I mean? There is no “debate” here, nothing to say in reply to this hater because there isn’t a single sentient point made by Meyerson. His just let lose a stream of hate that is as baseless and lacking of real proof as any a bigot ever devised against his most hated segment of humanity.

In the final analysis, Meyerson complains about the right’s “hypocrisy” yet so revels in his own that it makes your head spin. After all, as he complains that the right is so overly concerned about religion in politics, he wants it utterly eliminated from the public sphere, then he complains that the right isn’t “tolerant” enough. Yet, he so pummels Christians and religion showing he is just as intolerant in the opposite direction as those he claims to hate so much.

Like I said, reading Meyerson’s piece boggles the mind. It really has to be read in its entirety to be believed. This kind of hatred would never be allowed by a newspaper should it have been leveled against Jews, blacks or gays, et al. This is the kind of stuff you’d see from the presses of dictators and tyrants’ in their efforts to discredit their enemies. This is a China’s or a Chavez’ style, not that of a level headed democrat.

All you can say is just WOW!

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