I like things that do things well. They don’t have to be multi functional, they just need to do the function I want. A 12 inch serrated bread knife is great for slicing bread, but it sucks at carving meat. Carving meat is much better done by using a carving knife. A Wok is great for stir frys, but it sucks at deep frying a Turkey. Yet we live in a world that seems to dictate that devices should be more complex than they need to be.

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved watches, I was an early adopter of the red led digital version. Armed with that, my Ball Penal, and Rubik’s cube, I was someone.

The three objects did not interact. They were status symbols, they showed that I was hip.

My very first watch was a timex, every single day I had to wind it, if I didn’t it would stop. But the watch performed the one important function that I needed, it told the time. Sure it was not as accurate as it might have been, but the BBC offered time checks, so I was never more than a few seconds off.

I like watches that are functional, they tell the time, and are good at it. Right now I have a watch that does exactly that. At night there is a big button, if you press it, the watch tells me the time by lighting up the dial.

Of course the cost of a watch can very a great deal. On Walmart I found this gem.


Hey for under $20 it looks pretty good. It does what it claims, it tells the time. Truth be known I would prefer a Rolex, there is style with a Rolex. Unfortunately a Rolex is outside of the price range of us mere mortals.

Today Apple fixed the problem, while no one was surprised, the iWatch made its debut. While cheaper than a Rolex, it is far more expensive than the Walmart $15 special. At $349 for the starter version, it is pretty darn expensive and not very attractive.

As I understand it the iWatch will not talk to just anyone. To make it shine you need to have an iPhone 5 or better. So factor in about $2k for the phone and a 2 year contract with a carrier, suddenly the Casio from Walmart is looking pretty darn good.

The $15 Casio also promises a 10 year battery life, the iWatch on the other hand is a measly 18 hours. My idea of a smart watch is one that tells the time, no more and no less.

Simon Barrett


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