Annoying agent provocateur investigative reporter disguised undercover researcher with a fictional identity plagiarist pacifist poseur obsessed and seemingly deranged German social injustice hunter Günter Wallraff has been asked by a small group of petitioners to go undercover this time for good, please.

After making his name by posing as a bottom-of-the-social-ladder Turk in Germany to make the startling discovery that it sucks to be a bottom-of-the-social-ladder Turk in Germany, then posing as a Bildzeitung reporter to shock practically everyone in the country with the revelation that the journalism practiced at that newspaper is of questionable value at best – and then writing and selling tons of questionable books about this stuff – Wallraff clearly became hooked on this type of undercover nonsense and has refused to stop doing so every since.

Here are just a few of the long list of startling discoveries he has made over the years: It’s unpleasant to be a bum, it’s not good to be an alcoholic, getting arrested, questioned and imprisoned by military dictatorship authorities (Greece) is not fun, if you refuse to touch a gun while serving in an army (Bundeswehr) long enough, they will eventually ask you to leave, working in a call center isn’t the dream job we all thought it was after all, reading The Satanic Verses in a mosque may be considered by some there to be a provocation.

His latest plan is to work in a factory with unbearable working conditions in order to later determine that the working conditions there were unbearable.

The small group of petitioners asking for his permanent stay underground could not be reached for comment as they are currently working underground themselves.

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