Jessica Osborne, a 20-year-old waitress who has been working at an Indiana Pizza Hut to raise money for college recently received a large tip to help her get there. A woman with two sons who are regular customers at the Pizza Hut in Angola, Indiana gave Osborne a $10,000 tip out of the kindness of their hearts. The amount was so unbelievable that a co-worker even called Osborne a liar when she told her about it.

At least once a week, the family of three would come into the Pizza Hut and aske for Jessica to be their waitress. Jessica remembered their order of two Mountain Dews, a cup of hot water for the mother to make tea in, and a large Meat Lover’s Stuffed Crust pizza, half without pepperoni and half without mushrooms and black olives. They would chat like old friends whenever Osborne got a chance. On the day that she received her oversized tip, her fiance was sitting nearby. That day, Osborne had told the family how she had started college twice before dropping out both times due to lack of funds. They told her that they were planning on moving out of the city so Osborne asked them to come and say goodbye to her before they left town. They came back to say goodbye on a Sunday night along with the woman’s brother and his wife. After they had been seated, and the other tables were taken care of, Osborne sat with the family to talk. That is when they presented the money to her, taken out of an education fund set up after a death in the family.

At first, Osborne refused to take the money. Then she called her mother to tell her the news. Her mother was surprised but not shocked, saying that her daughter is such a good person that it is likely that others would return the favor of her kindness. Now, Osborne plans to attend Ivy Tech, a nearby college to major in journalism. At the same time, she plans to work at the Pizza Hut, saying that she takes her job very seriously.

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