A cult classic from the 80’s is finally released on DVD

The Story

In this short lived TV series from the 80’s we meet a time traveler named Phineas Bogg (Jon-Erik Hexum) who accidently lands outside the New York bedroom of an 11 year old kid named Jeffrey Jones (Meeno Peluce). After saving the kid from accidently falling from his high rise, the two discover that they need each other more than they realize.

Phineas may be a time traveler but he knows almost nothing about history while Jeffrey is a kid in need of a father figure who knows everything about history and so the two team up for 20 episodes of time traveling adventure in their quest to make sure that history happens the way it’s supposed to!

The Good And The Bad

I knew absolutely nothing about this series before I started it besides that it had gained some cult status among its fans throughout the years and so I went in with a blank slate and an open mind only to realize very quickly why this show was canceled after only one season.

The first thing that struck me right away is that as with many series, you’re going to need to have quite the high tolerance for suspending your disbelief or else you are never going to get anywhere with this series. The characters are beyond unbelievable and it took forever for me to get to the point where I actually empathized with their struggles and adventures.

While I would never call myself an expert at world history, I do enjoy learning about history and this series really made me question everything I saw. Every time the characters popped into a new episode, they would be in a new place and time within history and they would have to figure out what was wrong before they could leave again. Constantly I was pausing episodes to look up information to see how accurate they were and while they were accurate for the most part, you did notice little things here and there that made you wonder if the writers just didn’t check their facts or they were hoping that no one would notice.

The acting in the series is about what you’d expect for the time and production values are below what you’d expect. Going beyond cheesy, these stories really stretch the imagination of what was being created at this time and makes you wonder if this is what everything looked like back then, how did anything last beyond one season?

The guest stars were rather fun to watch though with occasional trips in from future stars such as Mako, Ed Begley Jr., Shannen Doherty and more but even they weren’t really enough to keep me interested.


The music sounded well composed throughout the series but the quality through my television really left something to be desired throughout. A re mastering of the sound quality in this series would’ve gone a long way towards increasing my enjoyment of this series.


Final Grade: 71% – C

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