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“. . . the GOP deserved to lose its majority. Less clear is that Democrats deserved to win.”

That is the considered opinion of a Washington Post editorial this morning and I can’t say I disagree. The Democrats did not “win” this election as much as the Republican’s lost it.

I can say, however, I’m surprised at the sensible tone of the editorial. I frankly expected gloating and now must admit that I underestimated the Washington Post.

The most important aspect of yesterday’s election was the participation. I can’t find a number yet for total nationwide voter turnout but, judging from local news stories, it looks like that number will be somewhere around 50% of registered voters and for a midterm election that would be a great number.The voters with something to say . . . whatever their numbers . . . said it yesterday and they said it very loudly and clearly. All complaints about the results are invalid because the system works . . . at least as well as it can in an imperfect world.

In a perfect world, the candidates who won election or re-election last night will have only won because they made their individual positions on major issues clear, and because the majority of the participating voters understood and agreed with their positions.

This is not, of course, a perfect world and we have to face the fact that the majority of candidates who win elections only win because they have the support of their political party and/or their local news media. Far, far too many people either vote for the party (whatever candidate they put up is OK with them) or vote based on what their favorite newspaper or political commentator tells them. Those who vote that way have no real right to complain if promises are not kept and bad situations get worse (that is NOT a prediction, just an observation).

The bottom line is: the Republican’s may have lost their majority in the House (and maybe the Senate) because people are unhappy with what they have or have not accomplished while they had the majority, or they may have lost their majority simply because the individual voters have been convinced that they need a change. Either way, change is upon us! Sometimes change is good . . . lets hope this one works out for the good of the Country.


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