Don’t forget to vote yes to proposition A on the November 4th ballot. The proposal will increase funding for Missouri schools without raising our taxes. This means retaining our teachers, attracting new experienced teachers, and reducing student to teacher ratios. It also protects funding by allowing school revenues to be used only for schools.

This initiative will also update old casino regulations.  It will increase the casino tax to 21% and eliminate outdated loss limit regulations. Missouri is currently the only state that has this guideline. This will open up a more competitive market against other states for casino visitors.

It is estimated that proposition A will provide 105 – 130 million in new revenue for Missouri schools. It is also expected to provide 5 to 7 million in higher education, early childhood development, and veteran funds. In addition, the towns in which the casinos are located will receive 18 to 19 million in new tax and fees revenues.

As the St. Louis Parenting Examiner I endorse a YES vote to Proposition A, along with many other employers and business organizations, hundreds of teachers, and community leaders and groups throughout the state.

You can help pass this important initiative by joining the YES on A Coalition. For more information, visit the coalition’s website .

Judy Williams is the St. Louis Parenting Examiner at

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