by Ric Ottaiano

October 28, 2006

French writer Joseph Marie de Maistre (1753-1821) wrote, “Every country has the government it deserves.” 

Before I ever read that quote, I can honestly say I had that same notion; not as concisely articulate, but the same notion nonetheless. This paradigm applies from the most open of democracies to the most closed of societies to one extent or another which is why this next election is so important.

Because actions have consequences, the electorate ultimately gets what it deserves whether it consciously makes that choice or not. The results of who we place in power reverberate for decades in ways big and small, but in ways that could have been predicted if just a bit of forethought was applied. Which is why this next election is so important.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary to vote for Republicans on November 7:

1. The courts: John Roberts and Samuel Alito now sit on the Supreme Court. Imagine who would be sitting there if Johen Kerry had been elected or the Democrats controlled the Senate.

2. National Security: The Democrats would love to undo the Patriot Act and end the surveillance of terrorists, their operatives and their bank accounts.

3. North Korea: After the obvious ineffectiveness of the unilateral negotiations with Kim Jong Il by the Clinton Administration (and subsequent cheating by North Korea), the Democrats want to go back to the table to deal with the now advanced nuclear threat.

4. Congress: Just repeat these words over and over. “Speaker of the House Pelosi and Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee Barney Frank.”

5. Iraq: When Russia withdrew from Afghanistan and Israel from Lebanon and Gaza did the terrorists back down with a warm feeling of contentment and accomplishment? What do you think will happen if the Democrats pull us out of Iraq before the job is done?

6. Gitmo: The Democrats are so concerned over the comfort level of enemy combatants sworn to the destruction of America that they what to bestow upon them the same right as citizens of the United States. Imagine our military on the next battlefield wondering whether the captured enemy has been Mirandized.

7. Immigration: At least we have authority to build a border fence. And there is no amnesty program.

8. The Economy: Unemployment is near historic lows. The Dow is at an historic high. Our inflation and growth rates are the envy of all industrialized nations. Thank the Republican tax cuts.

Have the Republicans carried out all of the conservative agenda? No, in many respects they have fallen flat and have disappointed. But no matter how short of the ideal they have landed, abandoning the party now to make a point will only result in a less robust economy, less safe shores, more liberal activist courts and, a decade from now, leave many shaking their heads and remarking how America managed to get for itself the government it deserved.

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