There’s a lot of stuff on the internet about the Pope coming to the US. A lot of the reporting is slightly absurd, leading Peter Steinfels at the NYTimes to predict how the media will spin the story when they discover the Pope is Catholic…

Flannery O’Connor once explained the Catholics as “Here comes everybody”, so expect a real media and public circus, with everything from Mariachi Masses to Mozart, all of which those of us here in the Philippines will be able to see via E.W.T.N., which is on our cable network.

So one news article reveals that while visiting New York City, the Pope will be given his very own Official Papal Skateboard. CatholicNews reports how the idea got started:

Father Peter Pomposello is a skateboarder… he was talking about the papal visit with the club members and they began to ask him questions about why the pope was coming and what he would do in New York.

“I said, ‘We pray with him and we give him gifts,'” he said, “and one kid, without missing a beat, said, ‘Let’s give him a skateboard!'”

The Diocese gave it’s okay, and they held a contest.

Right now, has the three finalist designs for you to vote on:

So go over there and vote for your favorite design.

The kids see it as a way to remind the Pope that not all kids (and not all skateboarders) are into gangs and drugs. The priest and kids who suggested the contest are from Washington Heights, in northern Manhattan, which has a large Dominican population.

For many who only know the present Pope via the MSM, he is often caricatured as a stiff uncompromising man, but to those who know of his work, especially his books, know he has a deep love of Jesus that shines through his writings.

Hence the press was startled to see a lot of happy 20 somethings, many of whom were nuns or priests, rejoicing openly when he was proclaimed pope, to the dismay of the 50 something nuns without veils on all the news shows as commentators who kept claiming their modern version of the church was the future. Is something going on that they missed? Yup. It’s called the “JP2” generation, and they are one step beyond the “Latin mass versus the reformer” schtick that gets all the attention.
Ratzinger has been a constant source of surprise. By taking the name of Benedict (after the monk whose monasteries saved western culture during the dark ages) he has chosen to proclaim he intends to fight both the loss of belief in religion and a post modernism that is weakening belief in the power of reason. Much of the dialogue with Islam is similarly about the need to recognize faith (in this case, the Koran as interpreted by self proclaimed scholars) does not overwhelm the need to recognize logic, natural law, and conscience.

In a similar manner, to the “creationists versus science” argument, Benedict is closer to Archbishop Schoenburn, who sees this as a battle of  different philosophies, not as a fight between logic and faith, and therefore Catholics are on both sides and neither side of this absurd argument.

Yet the love of this complex philosopher runs deep in the post Vatican II generation, which is why NewYork priests and kids feel comfortable handing him a skateboard as a souvenir.

Of course, one suspects that the octogenarian Benedict will go so far as to use it, but the CurtJester blog has posted this tongue in cheek photo of the Pope practicing on a secret Vatican Skateboard Park.

You know where it is located: Right next to the room where they are hiding the DaVinci code and down the street from the secret headquarters of the Masonic Jesuit Illuminati….



Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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