This blog’s recent fascinating and thoroughly readable investigative reporting piece about Volkswagen’s planned closure of a production facility near Brussels has apparently so enraged and beleidigt (mortally offended) Volkswagen’s top management, that Europe’s leading automaker has decided to sign a mega-deal to build a mega-factory in western India and leave Germany now, too.

What is worse, they have also made several thinly veiled threats to turn this unsuspecting Indian city (Pune, Maharashtra) into “the Detroit of India”.

“No way,” said Frank, an unemployed Detroit auto worker. “Talk about a bunch of worthless Teutonic scumbags. What have the Indians ever done to them to deserve this kind of treatment?”

His neighbor Larry couldn’t agree more: “They’ll never pull it off,” he said. “The Indians tick differently, I’ve worked with a few. It’s a completely different mindset than the European one. They’re honest and hardworking, for instance. And besides, where the hell are you going to get all this Motown crime we have over here? Do they think that this stuff just grows on trees or something? Although… come to think of it, maybe they could outsource that part to us.”

Soon-to-be-unemployed Wolfsburg auto workers could not be reached for comment as they have all called in sick, but several unconfirmed reports indicate that they are pissed off about the deal, too.

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