Vision of Rage
by David Nesten

This is an odd little book at first glance with its plain cover and limited adornment. Its very Japanese minimalist and that suits the contents fine. This novel struck me as a manga comic without the pictures. Its has the pace and general feeling of anime which is not a bad thing at all.

It generally surrounds a group of mercenaries & bounty hunters who are based in Eastern Europe but go where ever the job takes them. This near future world sees many of the nation states have ceased to be and a great deal of lawlessness about. There are various nasties kicking round including the afore-mentioned Vision of Rage.

The rag-tag group are the only ones able to defeat the force that is the VoR and they battle across Europe to cull their foe. The ultimate encounter is action packed and frenetic.

You could easily see this novel being turned into an anime series in Japan. It would be quite a good one as well. I enjoyed this fast paced novel and recommend it to those who don’t mind a bit of mindless action now and then.

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