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Man sues IBM over internet addiction

A 19 year employee at IBM Corporation has been fired for excessive use of internet chat rooms while at work, so now he’s suing IBM for making the internet available, which allegedly lead to his addiction.  He’s not disputing that he spent too much time online, mostly at sex oriented sites.  Instead his lawyers claim that instead of terminating him, IBM should have limited his internet access, and blocked him from viewing certain web pages, because he had already admitted that he had the same problem at home.

The guy is addicted to porn, that’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It has nothing to do with the company he worked for, or the existence of the internet, and we use the word ‘addiction’ here, loosely.  More likely it’s a matter of maturity, which age has nothing to do with.  If he worked at ABC for instance, as a programmer for a soap opera, would he get fired for watching ESPN all day instead?  Of course he would, because he wasn’t getting any work done.  Would ABC be liable for a lawsuit because they gave him television access?  Ludicrous.  Television is their business.  IBM, if in 19 years the guy hadn’t figured out, is a computer company, and heavily involved in the internet.

Addiction is a serious business that wrecks many lives, and this guy obviously has a problem.  It’s not a chemical dependence though, like alchohol or drugs, instead he just wants to have fun.  A lawsuit for 5 million dollars?  Gimme a break…

Full Story: Business Week

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