In recent years, many revolutionary technologies were developed. Virtual Reality is one among such technologies. Over the years, it has seen steady growth and application in many different fields. When VR hit the gaming market, something unique was developed. There is a lot of room for improvement in VR gaming. Nevertheless, the gaming industry has shown a positive response to the inception of Virtual Reality.

VR Hardware and Tools in Gaming Industry
There are plenty of cool VR gadgets around us already. Now a wide range of VR gaming gadgets is available for the users. The gadgets immediately became popular among people and the biggest gaming companies started to invest in the development of these gadgets. Here is look at some of the VR gaming hardware.

VR Mobile Headsets
Virtual Reality headsets are available for smartphones and tablets. Now, gamers have more options than Google cardboard. VR headsets provide more mobility with fine quality graphics.

Console VR Headsets
Virtual reality gathered much attention because of consoles like PlayStation and Oculus Rift. The VR consoles are fun equipment to play with a high-quality display and easy mobility.

Standalone Headsets
These headsets do not require a connection to the mobile phones or PC. The headsets involve advanced motion trackers.

VR Suits
Stepping in the future, full body VR gaming suits are set to be launched. These will have an artificial sense of temperature change, smell, and taste. VR suits are sure to revolutionize the gaming industry. With so much advancement in technology, it will not be long before people will be able to pay by phone bill casino.

Types of VR games
With a wide range of hardware and easy connectivity, a lot of games are launching their VR version. VR games are available for both mobiles and PC.

FPS Games
First Person Shooting games are one of the most widely played games. With VR effect, top-quality graphics and real-life sound effect, players will get a real battlefield experience.

Racing Games
Racing games were one of the first category of games to introduce VR to the world. The players enjoy the racing game as if they are driving the vehicle in real life. These games have one of the best graphics quality.

Horror Games
Introduction of
virtual reality boosted the market of horror games by a huge margin. With VR, a player gets 360 view and things get as scary as real. With engaging sounds effects and thrilling graphics, horror games are best enjoyed with VR hardware.

Adventure Games
This genre has been one of the most popular gaming categories for many years now. Adventure games include
3d graphics and with the introduction of VR, players enjoy a real-life gaming experience.

City Building Games
In recent years, city building games have become the fan’s favourite gaming category. 2018 saw the introduction of VR in this gaming genre.

Casinos and Gambling Games
Ever since online casinos were introduced, the number of gamblers increased day by day. There are plenty of cool video slot games, variants of classic casino games. VR casino gaming will engage more players as it will enhance the gaming experience of live casino games. The additional feature like live interaction of players will also be feasible with VR.

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