VIOLENCE Dream thieves, those who prey on the innocence of children, are not limited to sex-mad westerners. The light side of the Yin and Yang can be found everywhere, but the shadow of the dark side of the Tao falls on Chinese, Japanese and Americans in equal measure. At first glance this looked like an article that I could chide. The more I read, the more unsettled I became. The report in the China Daily read: “A middle-aged man in Nanyang, Henan Province, purchased the virginity of 17 middle school girls, arousing concerns about the education of rural area youths, a Guangdong Province newspaper reported…” I am not sure if buying their virginity was a euphemism for the purchase of sexual favors or whether or not virginity had, in this man’s twisted mind, become a commodity that could be bought, sold or traded. This guy has been operating for over a year it seems, because last September, parents of two girls reported to middle school officials that their daughters were wearing new dresses and had money they had not given to them. After repeatedly asking the girls, they said the money was given to them by a man in exchange for their virginity. School officials called police. Investigators found 10 more girls from the school who sold their virginity to the same man. The girls also gave police the mobile phone number of the man. When they received payment for their virginity, they promised to introduce more virgins to the man. It was only this month that Officers finally arrested 43-year old Deng, Jun while parked in his minibus near the school. Police said Deng confessed to purchasing the girls’ virginity. He allegedly had sexual relations with 17 girls more than 20 times, including 12 girls under the age of 14. The age of consensual sex in China is 14. Deng’s lame excuse was that he thought having sex with a virgin would bring him the luck needed to secure a promotion at work. School officials, decidedly stupid about this phenomena, blamed a lack of parental guidance as the reason why Deng was successful. But, it is not hard to see that poverty and perversion were the real reasons. Most of the victims were living with their grandparents, as their parents were away working in other provinces to support them; they were easy prey. The enormous gap between the haves and the have-nots in China continues to widen, especially in rural areas. Lust, avarice, and greed all know where to locate souls and dreams closest to the precipice. Here is a great resource list of organizations that help: STOP VIOLENCE

by Lonnie Hodge 

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