Three months ago, 20-year-old Drew Weaver was one of many students at Virginia Tech shaken by the deadly shooting that took place back in April. This week, he is looking for a spot in the British Open after being the first American since 1979 to win the British Amateur Championship which earns him a spot at the open this week in Angus, Scotland. This accomplishment has also earned him the title of “World News Person of the Week.”

A few days after the Virginia Tech massacre, the school’s golf team competed in the ACC Championship which resulted in a tie. Growing up in High Point, North Carolina, Weaver was a sophomore at Virginia Tech at the time. A few days before, he had been running for his life along with about 100 people as ordered by a police officer. He remembers hearing five or sick shots and then running to the library where he stayed for three-and-a-half hours. He turned to golf to help him get over the tragedy. He was able to win his spot with a birdie on the 17th hole. He will also be invited to next year’s Master’s Championship because of his win at the Amateur Championship. He will also return to Virginia Tech in the fall for his junior year at college.

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