Students at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College have filed a lawsuit against the school in response to the school’s decision to begin admitting men after 115 years of being a strictly woman’s school. The lawsuit was filed by four freshmen, one sophomore and four juniors with the intention of delaying the admission of men until the year 2010 at which point all current students that are enrolled should have graduated. The lawsuit also says that the school breeched its contract with students by voting to make it co-educational without consulting with students; they have asked that the case be expedited. An interview from the interim president of the school, Ginger Worden, said in part “I’m saddened that we’re in litigation with our own students but recognize they have the right to do that,” she went on to add “How would you recruit a student for next year if you say it’s a women’s college now but will be coed your senior year?” The Virginia school is made up of about 700 students.

Students at Virginia women’s college sue over plans to admit men (CNN)

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