A vigil was held in York, England , earlier this week in memory of the many victims of asbestos related deaths within the area. As part of Action Mesothelioma Day the York Asbestos Support Group held the candlelight vigil outside the T&G Union offices.

The founder of the group, Kim Daniells, stated: “It was an opportunity to remember those we have lost to this terrible disease and to offer solidarity and support to their families. It was our very personal tribute to the lives lost in York and the surrounding area, but also across the UK and the wider world.”

She added: “We hope the vigil will have raised the profile of mesothelioma – an asbestos-related cancer – and the dangers of asbestos. Even in the 21st century asbestos remains the biggest workplace killer. The vast majority of those who are diagnosed today were exposed at work.”

The aim of the group is to provide support to the victims and families of asbestos exposure in York , and also to raise awareness of exposure to asbestos and how it can affect health.

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