haleigh-with-candle.jpgThe name of this missing child, HaLeigh Cummings has become a well known name to all those that follow the cases of the missing children making the news. HaLeigh disappeared three and a half years ago from her home in Putnam County in Florida.

Her father’s, then girlfriend, Misty Croslin is supposedly the last person to have seen the 5 year old little girl. She claims they were all sleeping while Ronald Cummings, HaLeigh’s father, was at work. She claims she woke up to go to the bathroom when she noticed the back door was open and that is when she discovered HaLeigh was gone.

Misty remains one of the persons of interest even though she, Ronald and Misty’s brother are currently serving time in prison on drug charges since early 2011 after they were caught on camera making illegal prescription drug purchases. Some seem to think that having them in prison is in some way justice for HaLeigh but personally I believe that until someone is arrested for HaLeigh’s murder or disappearance, there is no justice in this case.

Although some seem to think HaLeigh is no longer alive there are some of us that still feel she is out there somewhere alive and well. I can’t accept she is gone unless they come up with her body. With a lot of tips coming in, she still hasn’t been found.

Until she is found, one way or another, HaLeigh’s Grandmother, Teresa Neves and her great grandmother, will continue holding vigil’s for HaLeigh which I completely understand. They miss their granddaughter and like me, they refuse to give up hopes of her coming home until she is found one way or another.

They are holding a vigil, Friday night, August 10, 2012 to be held at Annette Sykes home located at 302 Osceola Avenue in Satsuma, Florida. It is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m.

haleigh.jpgPlease respect this family as they pray for their miracle. All they want is to find out where this precious child is. They need to know. If HaLeigh is gone, then at least allow the family to lay her to rest properly.

There is still a reward of around $30,000 for anyone with information that can lead the authorities to where HaLeigh might be. You can call Crime Stoppers are 1-866-277-TIPS if you know something.

She is special to me even though I never had the honor to meet her but I feel I know this child. I will not be able to attend the vigil in person but I will be saying a prayer for her and I will certainly light a candle for her.

HaLeigh your name will always be in my prayers and I know you will never be forgotten. God bless you sweetie, where ever you are.

Jan Barrett

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