This just in from TJ Hart. As we reported yesterday Misty was destined for an interview on national TV, that happened earlier this morning on CBS – Simon

TJ Hart/CBS TV/Orlando Sentinel

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In an interview on “The Early Show” this morning, Misty Cummings pointed to other relatives in the disappearance of stepdaughter Haleigh.
“Someone came in and got her, obviously,” Cummings, 17, told CBS’ Maggie Rodriguez. “I feel like it’s on the other side of the family that has her. That’s just how I feel.”
Haleigh was 5 in February when she vanished from her father’s Satsuma trailer home. Misty had been baby-sitting for the two children of her boyfriend, Ronald Cummings. The couple married in April, and he announced on HLN’s Nancy Grace Show this week that he is seeking a divorce.

Misty told “The Early Show” that she thinks Ronald will go through with the divorce. “We’re going to still stay in contact,” she said. “If something happens down the road, then we might end up back together.”

It is interesing, I was talking with TJ Yesterday about the split up, and how it might alter the dynamics of the case. Clearly we have now entered a new phase, finger pointing. I will be curious to see if this provokes a response from the Shefield side of the family – simon

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