This year, I got the most disappointing tax refund I’ve ever had.  I had plans for the money I hoped I was going to get – The North Face Cipher WindStopper, new tubes and tires for my bike, a backpacking sleeping bag – but I could barely even buy groceries with what I got.  My roommate, however, got boatloads of cash back and decided to buy a Wii.  I’m an X-Box 360 man myself and don’t question that commitment.  Nonetheless, some of the Wii games are enjoyable to play and now there’s one more out that’s ready for you right now.

Ever since December 2nd, now available as a great game which made the jump from PC to the Nintendo WII from Sega of America comes the next great chapter in the life of the most famous female detective who’s still in school.  Nancy Drew – The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek – Nintendo Wii is ready to take you on a trip with your Wii to a magical and mysterious place.  Bring home this game today!

You are none other than Nancy Drew, the famous teenage girl detective.  In this one player game, you have been brought in to investigate the mysterious and dangerous things which are taking place at the Icicle Creek Lodge way up in the Canadian Rockies.  There are unexplained explosions, other signs of sabotage and general ill will and a strange lone white wolf which almost seems the haunt the compound.  You, Nancy, need to piece it all together through finding secret journals, putting clues together, looking at old photographs and discovering secret passages.  You also get to cook, go fishing, clean, throw snowballs, interview people and solve a whole bunch of small puzzles.  But you have to keep your cover as an employee of the Lodge, so you need to clean the rooms each morning, watch out for avalanches and so many other mundane tasks you’ll soon go batty.  Can you keep it all together long enough to solve the mystery?

This game is mainly a point and click style and was converted from a PC game (that less posh lineage certainly shows).  There are a couple of mini-games which do utilize the motion control that sets the Wii apart from other consoles, but they feel forced and are certainly less than fantastic.  In short, the greatest part about Wii games is the motion control, the ability to play a game that is unlike any other you can play on different platforms.  All Wii games should be designed to be Wii games from the ground up (Mad World, Wii Mario Kart), or else they shouldn’t be made at all.

As far as positive feedback for this game, it certainly does present a good image of young women, although you are forced to clean and cook every single day of your life.  The puzzles are very interesting and some of the mini games are even really cool.  All in all, it’s a game that is interesting enough that it warrants playing through at least a single time.

However, this is also a supremely childish and painfully repetitive game.  You clean every single day.  You have to repeat the same tasks time after time.  At some points, it is almost as though you are playing a text based adventure game that was accidentally given pictures.  Not only that, but even if you play the game and enjoy it, it still has absolutely no replayability at all.  This would be the perfect game to rent and not purchase.

My verdict?  Stay away and spend your money on another game.  Do the White thing and just avoid this game.

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