One of the most eloquent opponents of the notorious Mugabe government in Zimbabwe, Archbishop Ncube, has resigned after photos of a “sex sting” were released to the public. Ncube claims he has resigned to spare the church from being attacked by the government.
Although Ncube has denied the allegations, the acceptance of his resignation from the Vatican suggests that the Archbishop had resigned in sorrow and repentance. However, he remains a priest in full standing and says he plans to continue his political opposition to the Mugabe government.

Mugabe himself threatened church leaders in the country as Bishops became more vocal against his regime. He said they were on a dangerous path if their agenda became political and they would be treated harshly.

Immorality on the part of priests and bishops is not unknown in Africa, and one of my sources  whose convent was destroyed in “operation cleanup” says that those remaining faithful to their vows are often falsely accused of immoral acts out of spite by those both inside and outside the church who wish to hide their own immoral actions.
But the fall of Ncube is a sad incident, first because it was an assignation not a love affair with a married woman and second because the Archbishop showed a lack of self control, putting his own needs for a sexual dalliance over the holiness of his vows at a time when the government was eager to destroy his ability to lead the opposition.


Nancy Reyes is a retried physician living in the Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket, and she writes on human rights problems in Zimbabwe at Makaipablog.

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