Katerina Plew, a 38-year-old mother of four, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, on Monday with Victoria’s Secret over a design idea.

According to AOL News, Plew says “she filed for a patent for her invention in the hopes of making some money to help her raise her kids on her own.”

“I thought it was the answer to my dreams, but it was the answer to their dreams,” she said.

The family law office paralegal created a bra with straps that can be worn differently.

Her design calls for a strip of fabric loops along the top of the cups and torso band so the straps can be detached and reattached in different ways to hide them under the outer garment. She said she filed for a patent for the bra in 2002 and received it in 2004.

Plew claims she arranged a meeting to pitch her design to Victoria’s Secret in 2006, after telling them she had secured a patent and e-mailing them a mock-up of the bra she had made.

The company then canceled the meeting in Manhattan as Plew was driving from her home in Long Island, NY.

“They said their legal team advised them against it. Then a year later I walked into Victoria’s Secret and guess what I saw on their shelf?” she said.

Plew said she had no doubt about the origin of the product.

“That’s my bra. They made my bra,” she said she recalled thinking, before bursting into tears. “The young girl at the register would have thought I was a loon.”

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