I am from Louisiana so when I hear something like this, it kind of hits too close to home for me. Mandeville Louisiana is only like 20 miles from where I grew up. Anyone with a 5 month old child should be thanking God for giving them a child. They can really bring so much pleasure in your life, but not if you are abusing them.

The mother of this child called 911 just shortly past 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon and reported that Brian Young, 21 years old, had told her that her baby had stopped breathing while she was at work. Young apparently had been home alone with the child. The baby was rushed to the hospital and when the doctors were examining the baby they found that the baby had marks with the consistent with child abuse.

After the detectives talked with Young, he admitted to them that he had thrown the baby several times onto the floor and into a swing striking the baby’s head on the metal bars of the swing.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Young and took him to the St. Tammany Parish Jail. He was booked there on one felony count of second degree cruelty to juveniles, plus two misdemeanor counts of possession with intent to distribute and having a controlled substance in the presence of a minor. The drugs were found inside the home where the child was abused.

Since the baby is so young the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office could not disclose any further details on the case.

I am asking that everyone to please pray that this baby survives this and is given the chance to live a full life without any scars from the abuse. This really breaks my heart. I hope and pray for this child.


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