More Questions Arise from Yesterday’s Vicki Iseman-John McCain story in the NYT

John Weaver says “No Reason to ask her” about Romantic Relationship

McCain Story an Indication of “State of the Times”?

UPDATE: Times Writer Paid to Write Hit Piece on Another Republican Senator 

This chart of the NY Times stock prices could just as
easily be used as a chart for circulation, advertising and credibility.
It may also be the source of the Times gloomy reporting on the US economy.

John Weaver, John McCain’s former political adviser said that he never talked to or asked Vicki Iseman about a romantic relationship with the Senator, because “he never had any reason to.”

CNN contacted Weaver–and fairly easily it seems to us–after the New York Times hinted, insinuated and danced around the idea in yesterday’s story that there may have been a romantic relationship between Iseman and McCain.

Some reports are calling the Times story a “hit piece” and McCain himself labeled the story a “smear” this morning.

New York Times circulation–one measure of believability and trust of readers.

It’s more accurate to label the story as “Times reporting” and let it go at that.
Former McCain political adviser John Weaver confirms to CNN that he did approach lobbyist Vicki Iseman about eight years ago, during McCain’s first presidential run, and told her she was threatening to undermine the heart of McCain’s campaign – that he is a reformer.

Weaver says he arranged the meeting with Iseman — first reported by the New York Times — out of concern that she was “telling people around town” she was getting access to, and had influence with, McCain that Weaver says she did not have.

But Weaver insists he never talked to or asked Iseman about any romantic relationship with McCain because “there was no reason to.”

What newspaper announced last week it was cutting its newsroom staff by 500? And what Times writer on the McCain story previously received money from an left wing activist group to write a hit piece on another Republican senator while at her previous paper?
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Vicki iseman: McCain Aide said “No Reason to Ask Her” about Romantic Relationship


Vicki iseman: McCain Aide said “No Reason to Ask Her” about Romantic Relationship

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