Weeks ago, comments were dropped on video sites hinting at the McCain-Iseman story

All comments were by “EllaLohan” 

The Attempt to track EllaLohan down 

Who is the Mysterious Video Commenter?

More Mystery!
Vicki Iseman Bio Returns to Alcalde & Fay Website!

Who is EllaLohan?

How did she know about Vicki Iseman and John McCain weeks before the New York Times published the story?

Very mysterious.

EllaLohan is the name of an apparent video fancier who–weeks before the New York Times released its story about Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s alleged affair with Telcom lobbyist Vicki Iseman–was dropping hints of the affair in comments affixed to videos on sites scattered around the Internet.


She hinted at the relationship between Iseman and McCain which is an ” an angle not even Drudge took when it reported on the lobbying angle between Iseman and McCain months ago,” as reported on Radar this evening.

The Radar piece tracks some EllaLohan comments:

Here’s what EllaLohan wrote on a YouTube video posted by Senator McCain’s campaign: “EllaLohan (4 weeks ago): John McCain plus lobbyist Vicki Iseman equals trouble for Republicans. Just ask the New York Times.”

Then EllaLohan popped up elsewhere on YouTube with a similar comment for an anti-McCain video: “EllaLohan (1 month ago): i’ve heard from a bunch of my d.c. friends that mccain is doing special favors for a female lobbyist, who’s returning the favor, if you catch my drift. this is the story that his lawyers are trying to prevent the new york times from writing. he’s a crook just like the rest of the politicians.”

What are some of the other EllaLohan comments?

When did Vicki Iseman’s bio reappear on the Alcalde & Fay website?

Read rest of the story:

Vicki Iseman, John McCain: The Mysterious EllaLohan 


Vicki Iseman, John McCain: The Mysterious EllaLohan

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