The Vicki Iseman-John McCain Allegations Aren’t the First Scandals Involving 2008 Presidential Candidates

Other Scandals Involving Candidates Include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards 
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* Vicki Isemin-John McCain
* Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin
* Barack Obama-Larry Sinclair
* John Edwards-Rielle Hunter

Vicki Iseman

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From December 21, 2007
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From January 31, 2008
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Over 25 stories involving John Edwards and “producer” Rielle Hunter, who produced a video for the Edwards campaign. The video mysteriously disappeared and questions began to be raised as to “why?” and “Who is Rielle Hunter?”

The National Enquirer broke the story in October 2007. Edwards denied it and Rielle Hunter denounced the Enquirer–even though it had not named her as the other woman.

In December 2007, the Enquirer published a picture of the now-pregnant Rielle Hunter. Hunter had been moved to within 5 miles of the Edwards campaign HQ in Chapel Hill, NC. She was living in a $1 million-plus home of an Edwards’ backer, driving a BMW registered to Edwards former Director of Finance and having her bills paid for by–whom?

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Vicki Iseman, John McCain and 2008 Presidential Candidate Scandals


Vicki Iseman, John McCain and 2008 Presidential Candidate Scandals

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