REXANO, editorial by Zuzana Kukol

Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s Jr. recent purchase of a German shepherd puppy from a large commercially licensed and inspected kennel in Chester County, PA, raised a lot of eyebrows in the animal rights (AR) circles.

Biden is well known and liked in the AR community, having co-sponsored and voted for many animal rights bills. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he was expected to follow all of the AR agenda, and adopt a shelter dog. Instead he bought his vice presidential pup from what many perceive to be a “puppy mill”. 

Now, who will need a bigger dog house this winter?

America was founded on the principles of personal freedoms, and that should include the right to choose what kind of breed or species animal we want to own, and whom we get it from. The decision to choose should be based on personal preferences and needs.

However, lately, the dangerous trend pushed for by AR activists and uninformed legislators,  has been to ban exotic pets and certain breed of dogs (BSL, Breed Specific Legislation) under the guise of public safety, and to require mandatory early age castration and spaying of domestic dogs and cats.

Animals are considered property under the US legal system. The decision what kind of surgery should be performed on the pets and when should be decided by the animal owners and the professionals in the field, the family veterinarian, not by a government bureaucrat.

Nobody, including VP–Elect Biden, should have to explain to the world why they bought their pets, from whom, and why didn’t they adopt.

Hopefully, Biden will learn from this experience and in the future will be more cautious about proposed AR legislation that takes away the freedoms of other animal owners.

With any luck, Biden will no longer  support  animal rights regulations, including exotic animal or BSL bans, preventing Americans form exercising the freedom to choose what species or breed of animal to own and spoil, and what if any surgeries to perform. 

Biden should be left alone to enjoy some quality time with his new family member. Americans should no longer be subjected to the extreme anti exotic and BSL bans that are sweeping across the country.

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