Of all the things that you expect to run out of in your town, women’s underwear would not rank very high on the list. I’m willing to bet that it wouldn’t even rank within the top ten. But unfortunately this is exactly what has happened in the small town of Inglewood, New Zealand (which lies about 175 miles away from the capital city of Wellington) when the only clothing store in town came up with the brilliant idea to stop stocking women’s underwear. With a town having no idea on what to do next, the town Vicar has stepped forward and come up with a plan to help those in the town with their problems.

Reverend Gary Husband came up with the idea to have a group of volunteers run people into the next town who were unable to get there themselves so that they can purchase their essentials such as underwear. The plan is necessary since the town has only a population of 3,000 and no bus service. It should also be noted that while men’s underwear is still plentiful, there is no shoe store. The Reverend plans to make one trip for residents before Christmas but if the plan proves successful and a demand is made, the ‘run for knickers’ will become a monthly occurrence.

Vicar’s knicker run rescues town (Reuters)

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