A liberal arts college in Vermont is stepping up to do its part to fight global warming by joining the Central Vermont Public Service’s Cow Power program. Green Mountain College is a very small school housing only 750 students, the college made the decision to start using electricity that is generated from cow manure. The program is a small step forward in a state that holds the highest cow to person ratio in the country (about 2 people per 1 cow or calf) and with cows producing up to 13 gallons of manure a day, the state decided to start putting it to use.

In a statement to the press, a representative from the school said “This initiative helps the college do its part to address global warming by reducing its carbon emissions by approximately 3500 metric tons per year, or the equivalent of removing 758 passenger cars, from use for a year.”

Using the slogan ‘Providing energy, one cow at a time,’ the CVPS Cow Power program puts the manure to use through a method that separates the solid waste from the methane gas contained within the manure and feeds it through a converted engine making a clean type of power that is also renewable.

Vermont College goes green with cow manure (Reuters)
Cow Power Homepage

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