A hypothesis is being put forward that rats are not responsible for the Black Death as once conjectured.More afoot here than a desire for accurate history.Any other time, Leftists assure us that at best accuracy in antiquarian pursuits isn’t all that important and at worst an imposition of Whites upon the world’s more backwards cultures.This is rather planting the seeds to downplay efforts to curtail rats, which PETA assure us are just as important of human children.One can see this in regards as to how certain policies such as the prohibition of specific pesticides have rejuvenated the bed beg menace.Eventually, one will not be allowed to refer to this episode of history as Black since one cannot retain any sinister connotations to that particular hue and one cannot look at this tragedy negatively since to elites, so long as they do not rank among the victims, such mass curtailments of the excess population are to actually be seen as a positive thing.by Frederick Meekins

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