An Appeals Court is said to have upheld a multi million dollar verdict against Georgia Pacific in the case of a woman who was exposed to asbestos and went on to develop asbestos cancer from her home remodelling business.

The original trial saw the jury award Joan Mahoney over six million dollars back in 2008 as a result of her exposure and subsequent development of the deadly cancer. This was appealed, but the Appeals Court has upheld the original verdict, which was made by a Superior Court jury in San Francisco.

According to the lawsuit Mahoney developed cancer as a result of using products in her home remodelling business, and this included an asbestos filler that was made by Georgia Pacific. It was claimed that the defendant knew about the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Prior to contracting the cancer in 2006 Mahoney had been a full time carer for her husband who was paralyzed after a stroke. The complaint alleged that she had to have him put into a care home because her illness prevented her from looking after him.

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