Statistics are often hard to understand, given a set of numbers a good statistician can make massage them into whatever result you want. Political polls are the prime example. The result is geared to generate the result wanted, questions are carefully crafted to skew the results. People go to university and get degrees in the art.

Well today a friend shared the very apex of the art form by way of a venn diagram. What could Doctors, Prostitutes, and TSA workers possibly have in common?
Well to the untrained eye, it is easy to go for the obvious. By the mere nature of the work a prostitute might need the help of a doctor if he or she contracts a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The doctor might interact with the TSA if he wished to travel to an important medical seminar and needed to fly. The prostitute would also interact with the TSA if she/he wanted to be available for some major event, lets say the Super Ball Bowl. A young single and horny TSA agent might be tempted to rent the services of a lady of the night. If a few days later he discovered that he had a sore winkie, he might well seek the aid of a doctor.

Nope, this is not what research shows. The stats show a very different story.


Simon Barrett

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