I doubt that most people took my first article seriously. You can find it here. Who the hell throws vegetables at a parade? Actually it was far more serious than I thought. It took both Jan and I to empty the trunk. Heavy does not describe the weight of these bags.

Yes there are a lot of beads and other stuff, but it is the Veggies and Fruit that really get your attention. I was pretty much sure I was done with Cabbage:

I was wrong, a bunch more turned up! We have 20 cabbages! The thing is… I have no clue as to why or how we have 20 of them. Or what to do with them.

Cabbage is just the beginning. I thought it would be simple and have this picture.

But they just kept coming. In the end we had to use a large tote to store them.

To give some scale, that is a pack of Ramen Noodles in the front. Yes.. they came from the parade. The whole event was glorious insanity.




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