This is a guest post by author Jay Rankin. His debut book Under The Neon Sky takes us behind the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. You can read my review here – Simon 

By Jay Rankin

To be honest, sex was everywhere. I was surrounded by all its possibilities. There were topless clubs, all nude clubs, male clubs, gay clubs, pornography, private sex parties, and prostitution. People got turned on just getting a drink, being served by a half naked cocktail waitress. I won’t even go into how some of the female guest’s dressed for a night out: OMG! They were hot!

Being the doorman for a major Las Vegas hotel, and working in the middle of the night, gave me a different perspective about prostitutes than most people. First of all, the women I came in contact, were referred to as either hookers, escorts, call girls, or prostitutes, not whores. There is a distinction. In my mind, the word ‘whore’ denotes a different meaning. It is much more condescending, and demeaning. It might even describe a woman who is on a street corner ‘tricking’ for $20.00 so she can buy meth or crack cocaine for her habit. These were not the people I came to know.

Being a doorman gave me wonderful opportunities to talk with people from all over the world, from all walks of life. It also allowed me to gain the trust of the women who ‘worked’ the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. My biggest problem was remembering their names. There was, April, Latisha, Nicky, Crystal, Star, Angel, and on and on.

Personally, I don’t care what people do for a living as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I also never liked judging people. The women worked the hotel by walking through the casino or getting a drink at the bar inside the hotel. Sometimes vice would be at the bars doing a sting operation but it was all part of the job I guess. One night, one of the girls came running out of the hotel, “Jay” she yelled. “Get me a cab, quick!” As she drove off, security came outside and asked me, “Did you see a hooker come out here?” I answered, “Which one was the hooker?” They gave me a dirty look.

I got to know many of the girls and sometimes we would just hang out and talk on slow nights. Most of them were fun and easy to be with. They always looked pretty classy wearing nice clothes. They seemed happy and content at what they did for a living. Our conversations usually ended with a call on their cell phone and off they’d go to take care of business. Some of the women would periodically need a break from the hotels and go to work at some of the topless clubs for a while.

There were many times when I was asked by a guest or a guest’s assistant for help contacting an ‘escort’ or to arrange transportation to a brothel. For me it was part of the job to service the guest and also get tipped by the grateful customer. I learned that sex in Las Vegas was like a restaurant menu, no matter what someone desired, they could find and negotiate for it. My job also included referring guests to the various topless clubs. Believe it or not, all the topless clubs each had their own unique style.

Here are a few facts: Prostitution is illegal inside of Las Vegas city limits. It is also illegal inside of Clark County where Vegas sits. It is legal in Nye County, less than an hour away. Nye County is where the nearest brothels are located.

The women I came in contact with all had weekly medical screenings, period.

I never heard any stories or sensed any motive by these women to harm or steal anything from their customers. It was all business. It was also very confidential with no paper trail that could be followed. This was their livelihood and it was important to them that they keep their customers happy for any future business. But, there are plenty of women and men out there waiting to rip people off because there is no recourse. These are people who prey on tourists, knowing most Vegas visitors have cash in their pockets. Usually, you cannot go to the police. The bottom line: Don’t go into a transaction with your eyes shut. Use your gut instincts. Try to find someone who knows the town, and you feel you can trust to give you a referral.

A piece of advice: I wouldn’t go looking for a woman on The Strip. There are lots of ways to get sex in Vegas but taking a flyer from someone on Las Vegas Blvd. isn’t one of them. The woman you ultimately get will never look like the woman in the picture. It’s risky.

One last observation I have made….If you visit Las Vegas with a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, do NOT have an affair. Enjoy the one you’re with. I’ve seen people who crossed that line and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Jay Rankin authored a new book titled:

UNDER THE NEON SKY….A Las Vegas Doorman’s Story 

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