A popular hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip is being sued by a former employee who claims to have been exposed to the potentially deadly carcinogenic asbestos at the hotel. The former worker claims that both he and his three year old son have suffered health problems as a result of the exposure.

According to reports the hotel and casino, Harrah’s, was warned about the dangers of asbestos exposure by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. There are also said to be inspection reports that showed a sizeable number of serious asbestos related violations.

The former worker, Ernie Savannah, said that the reports simply confirmed what he had already known, which was that people were becoming sick as a result of working at the hotel and casino and being exposed to the asbestos. He claims that his son is constantly wheezing and has respiratory problems due to exposure.

He claimed that Harrah’s was aware of the dangers but did nothing to protect workers. Savannah added: “I knew it was asbestos, and I continued to work there because I needed the insurance and the income for my family. And it’s really hard to get an engineering job, you know, that pays good wages.”

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