Governor Sarah Palin did what she needed to do in this evenings debate. I say that only because Joe Biden gave the most important performance of his career. The handlers let Sarah be Sarah but to change the game they also needed Joe to drop the ball, several times.

Had he done that and we all worried he might. I have little doubt Sarah could have scored big time. But he didn’t and for those of us who have debated in high school or college and can judge points. Sarah got spanked hard, more than once despite having connected with her base and demonstrated the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time. 

The instant polls gave Senator Biden a large margin of victory even as they confirmed Governor Palin preformed much better then anticipated. Which is good for Sara Palin’s reputation and political future but did little to effect the downtrend of the man who would be President.

She managed to pull herself out of the hole John McCain’s handlers pushed her into, which leaves her standing next to a man down so much in the polls thirty days out. He must win every undecided voter left and flip most of those who say they will be voting none of the above by pulling the lever of the Libertarian candidate and rebel republican Ron Paul to win in the electoral college.    

Its never over till its over but we are at the point in this Presidential campaign where a genuine political miricle is required of John McCain. Simply pulling another campaign stunt like his campaign suspension will not be enough to derail Obama’s momentum. 

Which brings us to what happens in every losing campaign. The October surprise rumor circulated amongst loyalists. It filters out but does not draw much media attention, its simply intended to alleviate the angst of active rank and file party members. 

Vague but still sure and certain evidence of a damming personal secret that would destroy the other candidate.  Several of my connected republican friends here in Phoenix, the ones still speaking to me anyway. Tell me they hear a reliable rumor

If you can even call rumor reliable, of an impending October Surprise. Some photo, video or recorded conversation that will significantly damage Obama personally and consequently destroy his campaign if its leaked. And this is always the best part of the rumor, it would only be leaked if the Senator, decent and honorable patriot that he is. Felt he had no other choice and it was for the good of the Republic. 

They embrace it as truth, because its too early to admit defeat. These same people who under normal circumstances dismiss gossip out of hand, have a want to hold on to hope. If only for a few more weeks. I felt the same way during the primary season. I was quite sure Hillary would win somehow despite the math, and in reflection know the race was over long before I would concede the possibility of defeat.      

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