So you’re cruising along in your car or your out shopping at a store and you hear a new song that you start to like and want to know the title of, except they won’t say the title of the song. What do you do? Do you go home, check the latest Billboard charts and click on all the previews to see if you find it? No, too time consuming. What do you do? Well, if you are a Verizon Wireless subscriber with a compatible VCAST phone, you can just hold your phone up to the speaker and find out for yourself.

Verizon Wireless has officially released the new identification program, appropriately called VCAST Song ID. Customers with a VCAST Music-enabled phone will be able to download this program straight to their phone for free. The software records a 10 second portion of the song, sends it to Verizon’s database, and then sends you back the results with an option to buy the full song, the Ringtone-version, or the RingBack tone version if it is available on Verizon.

Verizon’s chief marketing officer, Mike Lanman, said that close to 95 percent of all songs bought through VCAST has been bought over the air instead of buying it on your computer only and then transferring it to your phone when you have it ready to transfer. “Music lovers want their new songs now and V CAST Song ID helps make it happen when they don’t know the name or artist of the song.”

Supported phones include the LG Chocolate, the enV, and the VX9400 to name a few. To download the program for free, you must go under the “Get New Ringtones” section of the Get It Now menu in your phone. The program does not make you download the song from Verizon and can be used as a free identification-only tool for those who purchase songs from other music sites such as Apple’s iTunes Store, Napster, and eMusic.

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