AFTER nearly 8 inches of rain, ditches, creeks overflowing

Last night, the Vanderburgh County Indinana Commission and Evansville Mayor Weinzapfel declared a “Local Disaster Emergency” for Vanderburgh County and the City of Evansville.

This action was taken due to concern for the high number of water covered and impassable roads in both the city and county. With both the dark of night and the continuing rain, judging the condition and safety of water covered roads with accuracy is difficult. Police, Fire, and both city and county highway departments are out in force. However, with the rapidly changing conditions, not all roads that are unsafe to use may be barricaded. With this situation in mind, we ask that citizens limit any unnecessary driving.

Tom Graziano, acting chief of the NOAA Hydrologic Services Division, part of the National Weather Service, says the greatest tragedy about flooding deaths is that most of them can be avoided if people just didn’t try to drive through flooded roads. “A lot of times when you approach a water-covered roadway you don’t know how fast the water is moving. You don’t know how deep it is. You don’t even know if there’s a roadbed underneath. In fact, it only takes about six inches of moving water to sweep a person off their feet, and as little as two feet of water to sweep an automobile, including SUVs, downstream.”

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