Vancouver and Canadian Police Are Puzzled about an Unusual Case 

Two right Feet, both Size 12, washed up on Separate Islands in Georgia Strait 

Then, A little over a Week ago, a Third Right Foot, also a 12, Washed Ashore 

“Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more, Men were deceivers, ever, One foot in the sea, and one on shore, To one thing constant never” William Shakespeare

The first two discoveries were made within a week of each other, two men’s right feet, still shod in their sneakers, both a size 12, each found on separate islands in the Georgia Strait of Vancouver.

Gabriola Island

The first foot, encased in a white and blue men’s runner, was found Aug. 20 last year on Jedidiah Island; the second right foot appeared six days later on Gabriola Island, in a white and black sneaker.Source – The Star

And then there was a third. On Feb. 8, a third right foot was found on Valdes Island, a size 12, shod in a sneaker.

West Side of Jedidiah Island

No matches were found when DNA testing was run on the first two feet. The third foot is now undergoing testing. The police are treating all three feet as separate investigations. If all three feet belonged to men who died under separate unrelated circumstances, assuming they are, in fact, deceased, the odds would be astronomical.

Deputy Chief Jeff Dolan said that while finding unidentified human remains is not unusual, the circumstances surrounding the three feet are.

What are the unusual circumstances surrounding the three feet?

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Canadian Police Baffled: The Case of the Grisly Right Feet 


Canadian Police Baffled: The Case of the Grisly Right Feet

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