“I like Van Halen. Not Van Hagar!”

— Joe Dirt

Chin up, Joe, your dreams have come true, your prayers answered Van Halen, not Van Hagar will be on tour this Fall.

Van Halen, not Van HagarIn twenty-two years the likes of David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen have not performed on stage. An ill fated reunion happened about ten years ago which resulted in two newly recorded tracks on the Best of Vol, I. album.   Since then we were introduced to Gary Cherone, otherwise known as… well not so much known as attempted to be forgotten out of Van History.  A “Sans Halen” tour featuring Hagar and Roth on a double bill. A reunion with Sammy Hagar resulting in three new tracks on “Best of Both Words” a two-CD set released in 2004; Eddie’s rehab and haircut and now once again Van Halen, the way God intended (but with Eddie’s son playing Bass).

The tour begins in Late September in Charlotte, NC and runs through December over 25 dates. Tickets are on sale now for some dates through Ticketmaster.com.

Meanwhile for the Van Hagar fans Beginning September 15, “the other half” That’s Sammy and Michael Anthony, the Van Halen Bass player not related to Valerie Bertinelli, Will be on the road as well.  They start earlier in September and play to a crowd of people who couldn’t get into the Van Halen show.

Eddie, before rehabThe Van Halen tour has been a long time coming.  Fans hoped to see an outdoor theatre tour in the summer but those plans went away when Eddie entered rehab sometime in the spring.   He returned with a haircut, new clothes and for the first time in years, a mouth full of teeth.

The newly refurbished EVH brought hope to the faithful that there would be a tour, but having been disappointed many times before, Van Fans kept their hopes in check.  Even as one fan put it today after the announcement, “I won’t believe it until we are sitting in our seats. Is this for real, or another teaser?”

Well if it is a teaser, Ticketmaster will make a killing off of it!

For more information check out these sites:


http://www.davidleeroth.com/ (really just a link back to http://www.van-halen.com/)


I tried Googling “Gary Cherone,” but Google just looked at me funny then told me to go sit in the corner.

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