I had to laugh when I read this one.

LOS ANGELES, (AP) — A minister who was arrested on charges of marijuana possession has sued police for $30 million, contending his civil and religious rights were violated because he heads a church that uses pot during worship.The Rev. Craig X Rubin, 41, is the founder of Temple 420, which holds that pot is a religious herb.

“Our congregation mandates members study the Bible, have faith in God and regularly burn the herb cannabis (The Tree of Life mentioned in the Bible) as sacrament,” says the lawsuit filed Wednesday in state court.

Rubin, his son and another man were charged last fall with two felony counts each of selling or transporting marijuana and possessing marijuana for sale.

Rubin is apparently a “real” minister, ordained in 1990 by the Universal Life Church. His temple has an estimated 400 members.

Bet that’s a fun church.

LA Minister Sues Over Marijuana Bust at Church | Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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