Love is in the air as February rolls around

By Honey Gillard

Valentines Day, a holiday of love and intimacy, a day to let the fire in your hear flame once again.

Most people would claim that this worldwide holiday is either a day to snuggle up with that special someone & let your hearts intertwine or rather a day, no more special than any other, set up as a holiday, that’s really just a sham that just makes you sad and miss that in which you never had. Many don’t look outside the box, that is the clique that Valentine’s Day is only for those romantic & intimate relationships.

There are many ways in which this day is celebrated or de-celebrated all around the world, some traditions taken from religion, some made up by groups of friends and some just sticking to the traditional chocolates and asking that special someone, “Will you be my Valentine?”

To prove the variety of activities that are endeavoured on this day, I asked 3 different people, from different groups and ages, what they were gonna be doing for Valentine’s Day, and here are the responses I got. The results sported all different views and traditions.

Sarah, 15 says: “On Valentines day I’m just going out for dinner with the girls.” – Just one of many girls who see Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate the much love vented into friendships.

Elyse, 17 replies: “Well I’m not doing anything. I don’t have a valentine and it’s just a huge promotional sale for chocolate and cards! Yeah. I don’t really believe in it.”

Peter, 15 tells: “I’m going to the movies with some friends. It’s more of a group date thing, though I don’t have a date but it’s mostly couples.”
So you see this Valentine’s there’s no need to curl up & feel alone, there is plenty of love out there, whether it’s the love of your family, friends, partner or just of the world and nature in general. So this February 14th get out there and share the love!!! 😀

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