The recent decision by Notre Dame University to host the Vagina Monologues is a tragedy of monumental proportions for Catholic identity through higher education. While the purpose of Catholic education is to expound and expand students’ academic and spiritual horizons…there is no room for any sort of theatrical presentation that diminishes Catholic teachings on sexuality and morality.

The permission of Notre Dame to permit such a blatantly offensive production really should have parents and alumni both raising their voices in protest to the university’s leadership. Some alumni of the school have even called for the resignation of the President of the university. That would be a good place to start towards correcting a very serious error of educational judgment and Catholic faithfulness at Notre Dame. All Catholics that are offended and outraged against such secularism entering our Catholic educational facilities should also raise the same outcry against any presentation of similar topics and discussions in the United States schools of any nature.  Catholic schools and most especially colleges and universities should represent the pinnacle of the Catholic educational message. Presentations such as the V-monologues do nothing to enhance Catholic moral teachings, but rather make the Catholic Church the victim of popular sentiments that ridicule Catholicism.

This author has made the point on a regular basis that Catholic educational facilities are and should only present content in all aspects of the campus life that reflect the proper teachings and moral applications of Catholic moral value and expectations. The fact that a Catholic University is permitting the performance of the V…monologues is a wake-up cry for all Catholics to vehemently protest such agnostic lack of support of Catholic teachings on our college campuses.

Catholic schools of all types offer an education to its students that are rooted in the ethical and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic faithful believers and contributors to Catholic education need to make the point very clear through their words and checkbooks and not support such secular folly by withholding contributions from Catholic educational facilities that violate Catholic educational trust. As a parent and a faithful Catholic, I applaud fellow Catholics that make their displeasure know through an active protest by cutting off funds. I would not want my daughter to attend Notre Dame. Parents are the primary educators of religious principles according to the Catholic Church. Years of parental education, sacramental preparation and development of Catholic family values are what is at stake at Notre Dame, and “in name” only Catholic colleges.

Parents voice your disapproval. Do not permit a theatrical presentation of anti-Catholic morality to shape the future of our Catholic youth and our values. Notre Dame needs to wake up and realize that permissive and laissez-faire Catholicism is no longer tolerated by the Catholic religious faithful. Notre Dame live up to your Catholic heritage and integrity and cancel this offensive presentation and return to the fold.

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