Utah police are investigating the stars of a reality series glamorizing polygamy over allegations of bigamy. If the queers, the shacked up, and chronic fornicators are going to insist that what we do in our bedrooms is our own business, and in terms of legal benefits, there is only one valid marriage among this group, on what grounds does the state turn around and prosecute consenting adults?  So in Utah, do you face a possible five year prison term if you get caught cheating on your wife and she doesn’t know about it, or does the sentence only apply to those who have their wife’s blessing?

A prominent Christian Reconstructionist invalidates President Obama’s profession of faith on the grounds of its alleged Arminianism rather than over its failure to mention salvation from sin. More importantly, the analysis shows that Reconstructionists would likely deny Arminians or Non-Calvinists the right to vote or run for office since they don’t view the adherents of non-predestinarian soteriology as Christian.

Pictured on the cover of the 8/12/10 issue of Newsweek Magazine is a portrait of Al Sharpton.  To the left of the infamous rabble rouser’s visage, the title reads, “The Reinvention Of Reverend Al: From Tawana To Obama (What Sharpton’s Longevity Says About Race In America).”  What it says is that White Americans have been so beaten over the head with the threat of being labeled “racist” that most are too afraid to expose this huckster for what he is.  At best, Sharpton should only be brought out occasionally as a semi-entertaining buffoon to serve as a foil on media interview programs rather than as any serious kind of policy visionary.

The grandson of a deceased medal of honor winner was denied entry to the West Wing of the White House, despite being invited, because casual dress is not permitted there.  I guess Bill was in his formal wear when he slipped it to Monica.  The office can’t be any more defaced by a tike in a t-shirt with his grandfather’s picture on it than it already has been by a number of its contemporary occupants.

A Maryland county is to hold a lottery for 390 taxicab licenses.  Why should government be permitted to restrict free enterprise to this extent?  Authorities might have a role in making sure for the sake of public safety that drivers are sufficiently trained and vehicles adequately maintained.  However, it is not the place of government to determine or protect profits of an economic system characterized by considerable liberty.

If Meg Whitman’s hired help deceived Whitman as to immigration status, why should Whitman help her?  If this scrubwoman is committing an act of criminal deceit being here as an illegal alien, why ought the public believe the allegations against Whitman?

A man randomly shot at motorists along a highway.  In the eyes of some, that is not as bad as a hate crime targeting members of a particular protected minority class.

Louisville schools plan to integrate along income rather than racial lines.  This should spark even greater outrage.  In most cases, you can look at a person and tell what race they are.  However, to hand down decisions as to financial status, one has to dig into private matters that the education establishment has no business asking or make the kinds of exaggerated stereotypes that tolerancemongers always assure us are inaccurate when they disadvantage their particular special interest or front group.

International Walk To School Day might have a place if its goal is to raise awareness of motorists to be on the lookout for perambulating pupils as well as remind tikes to look both ways as they cross the street.  However, if the occasion is promoted from the standpoint of brainwashing students as to the evils of automobiles or to track those least likely to comply with handed-down directives, it is not the business of educational authorities how a child gets to school.  Maybe officials want more children run over or abducted so as to have statistical justification for additional surveillance of the American people and curtailment of any number of basic liberties.

Congress is on the verge of approving a National Women’s History Museum, which critics such as Concerned Women of America claim will glamorize the practice of systematized baby killing referred to as abortion.  Seems now every group with the exception of White males has a federally sanctioned museum explicitly named in their honor.  Perhaps one day there will be a museum or at least a memorial to fiscal solvency.    Future generations in chains or the decrepit elderly on their way to mandatory euthanasia could be filed through catching a glimpse of murals or displays of what life was like when responsible spending was one of the pillars of character ensuring freedom and prosperity.

Rush is absolutely correct. Obama is a jackass. For those going into vapors now, let’s not forget leftists called George W. Bush things far fouler. For those still in a tizzy, lets see if a prim propriety is going to keep you warm in either a relocation camp or after the government has seized all of your private property.

If those behind on their real estate obligations are no longer being foreclosed, why should the rest of us pay our mortgages either?

The Senate intends to bestow upon the late Robert Byrd’s family compensation equal to a year’s salary. If you croak before the end of the month, your family is expected to return the Social Security check.

Statisticians claim that half of deported illegals are criminal.  Technically, weren’t all of those deported criminals since they were here in violation of the law?

By Frederick Meekins

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