The rescue efforts to free six trapped miners in Utah has been put on hold until the seismic activity that has been inhibiting the rescue efforts subsides. The progress that the rescuers had made in getting air and possibly food to the miners was undone by another cave in that buried the 310 foot hole they had dug in the last few days. They are now saying that it could take a week to reach them. It is unknown whether or not they are still alive since no contact has been made with them.

Evidence indicates that the mine collapsed on its own, not by an earthquake that was detected on a seismograph on Monday morning. However, 11 aftershocks have been reported since the cave-in, the largest being of a magnitude of 2.2. The holes that were being dug were 2 ½ inches in diameter, and the other was less than 9 inches. Both have to go 1,500 feet to reach the miners. The smaller hole was 350 deep before the rock falls caved it back in. The other hole had problems aligning the drill. For now, the rescuers are hoping that if the miners are alive that they have enough air to survive.

Four other miners got out of the mine before it trapped the other six inside. Three of the miners are said to be Mexican citizens. They are thought to be 3.4 miles away from the entrance to the cave. About 135 rescuers and volunteers are involved in helping to free these men. Now, along with their families, all they can do is frustratingly wait for mother nature to allow them to resume their efforts.


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