The hype was running high early this morning, a new search engine that claimed to have an index at least three times larger than search giant Google. The hype was hyped further by the fact that Cuil’s founders are Ex Google people. There had to be something in it.

I decided to give it a whirl. But what to search for? I decided that I’d search on myself, my srticles seem to have a habit of popping up in the strangest places. Well at 9am this morning there was no sign of me, or any of my websites. Needless to say that was the end of my adventure with Cuil.

This evening I decided to jump on the band wagon, and give Cuil a good public flogging! This morning the ‘one’ page of hits returned on a search of Simon Barrett consisted entirely of a British writer, who I believe write a play called Dead Birds, or something similar, but no sign of me. Tonight though, there are 28,000 hits, and I am all over Cuil like a bad rash! Go figure!

Now that doesn’t mean I have fallen in love with Cuil, quite the opposite, it seems to be very poor at selecting graphics to go with the story. I do hundreds of reviews, and I include the book cover art, cd cover, film art, etc. Cuil seems to be using these thumbnails at random, even worse it is putting them on the ‘other’ Simon Barrett’s articles. The other issue seems to be their ideas of selecting categories, the vast majority of the first 6 pages of results that I browsed had my articles, however the suggested subcategories had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of those articles.

It will be interesting to see if Cuil will actually go anywhere, or just wither and die on the vine. Nothing that I have read explains the business model these folks are using, and I can see no method (as yet) of how they plan on making money. Vulture Capitalists will be wanting some return on the $33 million that they have sunk into the venture.

Try Cuil for yourself at

Simon Barret (The real one, not the other guy!)

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