It is so obscure that Trump probably does not even know it exists. What is it? US Digital Service, the intro is The mission of the U.S. Digital Service is to deliver better government services to the American people through technology and design.

Yup it’s a bunch of computer nerds!

One of my favorite computer nerds is Matt Cutts. For years he ran the ‘anti web spam’ effort at Google. For many of us he was much more than that, he was the ‘voice’ of Google. His blog was a must read. One day he stopped writing and declared that he was taking a leave of absence.

Many of us were sad, Google are hardly a company that makes themselves accessible to the outside world. If you have a problem there is no 1-800 number to call. Matt was one of the bright spots in the Google ecosystem.

Well we now know what happened to Matt, he joined the USDS. The post is here.

What makes for interesting reading is the USDS report to congress. Of course no one will read it, the USDS was created by the Obama administration so there is little doubt that the new broom will continue to sweep clean!

For the time being Matt Cutts is the ‘acting’ head of the USDS, but there is little doubt that one of Trump’s friends has a kid that is really good at playing Xbox…..

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