Many currently say that John McCain made a “dreadful mistake” by choosing Sarah as his running mate.  He did.  But not for the reasons one hears being bantered about by the MSM and other political punditry (both right and left).  They and the GOP Hierarchy have already proclaimed Sarah as a loser and have tossed her into the political trash heap of history laughing and exchanging high-fives.  ( link )   And make no mistake, the GOP elitists want to destroy Sarah every bit as much as the MSM and the democrats.  Because they realize the “dreadful mistake” they made by giving Sarah  prime time national exposure.   To their horror, they realized early on that despite their best efforts to transform her into a  lukewarm moderate  -  something from her inner self continued to shine through.  No matter how hard they tried to fit her pert round head  into a square hole, well it just wasn’t going to happen.  The genie had been let out of the bottle and they  tried desperately and unsuccessfully to recapture her.   Why would these pompous GOP elitists work so hard to contain and control such a lightening rod?  To pull back on someone who so attracted, excited and enthused the electorate?    Because the political establishment in both major parties have worked very hard over the past 2 decades to ensure that the electorate accepts whatever moderate slop is fed them.  And they’ve been somewhat successful.  You see, success in their eyes is not always measured by winning elections but in maintaining the status quo.  And much of that is dictated by those who donate/fund these political parties. And party members. The actual winning of elections is way down on their list of priorities, honestly.  Especially among and within Republican elitist circles.   And “Sarah Unleashed” poses a serious threat to that status quo.  Because Sarah, like Ronald Reagan, has an obvious affinity, appreciation and empathy for Mom and Pop Middle America.  The working class.  A forgotten class that she, like Reagan, came out of.   A Middle Class that is threatened because, you see, social planners, engineers and philosophers from both political persuasions have a dirty little secret.  They’ve long concluded (among themselves and behind locked doors)  that the U.S. can no longer sustain a strong middle class and simultaneously be part of the “global village”.    And they don’t want someone, like Sarah, coming along churning up their pool of stagnate bilge.   The present administration is efficiently and gleefully disposing of a half million private sector jobs per month.  And that is a source of extreme concern for Middle Americans.  Because after God/Family/Country comes their fourth priority – their jobs.  Their livelihood.  This is what keeps them and their families independent and self-sufficient.   What is the most horrid thought that keeps Middle Americans pacing the floors at night?  It is a reoccurring nightmare featuring themselves, standing in a long line at some government agency for hours, just to collect some measly government check and an envelope full of food stamps.  Then going home to their government housing project via some form of public transportation. We occasionally hear some slight noises coming from the Republican camp regarding “jobs” but with Republicans, its never known whether they mean jobs for U.S. citizens or jobs for illegal aliens.  Over the past 8 years they’ve preferred the latter.  The trust factor between the GOP and the conservative Base is non-existent, as a result.   Sarah Palin:  U.S. workers and their families need a strong and vocal advocate!  Especially unrepresented,  non-union workers. When you speak of  domestic drilling don’t drone on about the need to be free from the dependency on foreign oil.  No!  Speak of the hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs domestic oil production will create.  When you mention the need for construction of nuclear power plants – talk about the number of high pay/private sector jobs this, too, will bring. And can you articulate more forcefully on how the democrats and radical environmental whackos are  blocking (in the courts) these above initiatives?  When you talk about Nafta, don’t forget that when Mexican (and Canadian) truckers stream across the border carrying loads into the heartland, its knocking a U.S. trucker (and his/her family) out of a job.  When you have the opportunity, encourage federal/state/local governments to require all contractors to utilize the E-Verify program.  This will insure that all employees hired are either U.S. citizens or are in country legally.  And would it be possible to shift our focus off of the world economy and so called “emerging nations”  and concentrate strictly on rebuilding our own?  Stopping the hemorrhaging of jobs being outsourced overseas.  Sarah, the real stimulus that will repair our sick economy  will be The American Worker.  It will be U.S. workers with high paying, private sector jobs and a steady paycheck that will  fill the shopping malls on weekends.  They and their families will, again, frequent their favorite Mexican Restaurant or Pizza Parlor on Friday nights.  They’ll make the decision to buy that bass boat or jewelry for their wife.  The prosperity we’ve known can’t happen with the fake “green jobs” and government jobs that Obama proposes.  We must confront and oppose radical environmentalism and bring back commerce, manufacturing and industry to our nation.  There is no longer any room for compromise.  When the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it has been Republicans who’ve stepped in to fix the problem.  Teddy Roosevelt “busted the trusts” on behalf of the working class.  Ronald Reagan aggressively sought and acquired the Teamsters endorsement in both ’80 and ’84.  While at the same time he put the arrogant Patco in its place.  Unlike present day Republicans who hold the working class in contempt, these 2 titans had true respect for U.S. workers and their families.    Who will be the advocate for U.S. workers under siege in this dawn of the 21st century?  Who will “advance in a different direction”?   Or who will, like dead fish,  “go with the flow”.  Darvin Dowdy      

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