White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel is reported to have expressed US support for Mahmoud Abbas’ nearly ousted Fatah Palestinian Authority government today.

Abbas leads Palestine’s more moderate (or less radical depending on how you look at it) political faction, Fatah. Fatah has been embattled since mid-May by Hamas fighters intent on deposing the coalition government and restoring Hamas control of Palestine.

Stanzel went on to say, “We believe that the pathway to peace is through the negotiating table –not through violence and not through terrorism,” which leads this observer to wonder exactly where Stanzel was when the Iraq war was launched. Contrary to popular opinion, violence does solve some problems –especially those of self-defense.

If current conditions hold, the ‘moderate’ Fatah party will hold sovereign control of the West Bank and Hamas will rule the Gaza Strip. Hamas control of the Gaza is problematic in that it allows the continued funneling of arms along the Egyptian border and into the hands of known terrorists. Israeli and US claims of Iranian arms shipments on this route has thus far fallen on deaf ears at the ‘United’ Nations.

Current US foreign aid policy places the Bush administration in the tenuous position of trying to continue humanitarian aid to the trapped people of Palestine without allowing it to reach Hamas.

Watching this situation deteriorate makes me wish the Pentagon had gone forward with it’s ‘Gay Bomb.’ At least that would slow them down a little. At the current rate, Palestinians might well be the next addition to the endangered species list.

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